dinsdag 25 november 2014


Let the Hempplant save the world! Did you know that the Hempplant can realy save the world? The facts are there!

So could the hemp plant replace the rare, ancient earth oil wich is in the earth with an intention.
Because of the high level of CO2 in the hemp oil the oxygen level in the air will rize wich has great benefits for all live and the ozon layer.

And all clothes could be much more strong, and will last for decades because the hemp plant is a much stronger fabric than the cotton we are used to use.
In fact untill about 1920 when hemp got forbidden, all the clothing, shoes, robes for ships and armys and all strong fabrics were made with the Hemp plant.
Also the Hemp plant can grow everywhere without chemicals. Cotton, is too soft for fabric thats why it needs 50 procents of all chemicals that are used woldwide!

Earth's ancient rainforests could be held in tact instead of destroyed because the paper that is made of trees could be made by the Hemp plant!
It grows in 3 monts so we could grow as much 'paper' as we want without hurting ancient trees with all consequenses for the animals living in them..
The hemp paper is more than 3 times more strong and longlasting.
most old laws and books of law are actually written on hemp.

And last but notleast..
A lot of the chemical medication that are presicibed these days could be replaced by the lovely seedsof the Hemp plant, the herb Cannabis Sattiva.
(witch means something like 'cleaning herb'in ancient lanquage)
Untill about 1900 Marijuana was the number 1, 2, and 3 of the list of most used medications worldwide! The human race actually grow on them..

When you have read allthisprobably you are wondering:
If this is true.

Well it is true. You can check out the website: www.jackherer.com and there read his book 'The emperor wears no clothes' For these facs with the facts-sources and even more revolving information.

And why we didnt learn about it is because big industries like paper and cotton and medication and oil industries came up and made the laws against hemp and control more strict also its not in the most skool books..

When Hemp got forbidden all Her benefits were hidden from the public.

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